human resource management

What is Human Resource Management

Human resource management plays an essential role in the organization. Employees or the workforce is the most essential resource in an organization; therefore, it should manage well to reach organizational goals. This article discusses the fundamentals of human resource management, including the definition of human resource management, the importance of human resource management, its objectives, …

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Recruitment in HRM

What is Recruitment (R) in HRM; Recruitment is another important function in Human Resource management. Simply the R means, the process of identifying and attracting a suitable staff to the organization. In this chapter, we discuss this R function briefly, including the Definition of recruitment, its importance, and the process. Key highlights Definition of Recruitment …

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IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

What is the meaning of IT infrastructure? Basically, IT Infrastructure refers to a set of hardware, software and services that required to operate an organization. In this chapter, we discuss this IT Infrastructure, its evolution, and the components of IT Infrastructure. Key highlights The meaning of IT infrastructure The evolution of IT infrastructure Components of …

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what is organizing

What is organizing

Organizing is another important function in management to accomplish goals and objectives. After establishing the organizational goals and objectives, the entity needs proper arrangements for achieving them. In this chapter, we describe the organizing function. This chapter includes the definition of organizing, core concepts in organizing such as work specialization, the chain of command, authority, …

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organization and information systems

This chapter describes mainly the interaction between organization and information systems. This includes important features of organizations that managers require to use information systems successfully. Key highlights The relationship between organizations and information technology Technical, behavioral, and microeconomic definitions of an organization Features of organization Impact of information systems on the organization. Information systems and …

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what is planning?

In this chapter, we explain the planning process in management. The planning process is the primary function in management. This chapter covers about, a brief introduction about planning, how it’s important to the organization, what are the levels in this process and many more. Learning outcomes Understanding planning The importance  Characteristics of good planning Levels …

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Job analysis

Job analysis in HRM

Job analysis function plays a vital role in human resource management. Every organization needs a good workforce for accomplishing organizational goals and objectives therefore, as a primary function JA provides information about the job as well as the job holder. This chapter includes definitions of Job analysis, the importance, and the process of job analysis. …

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Job design

Job Design

Job design is one of the core functions of Human Resource Management. Basically, this function creates jobs that individuals in the entity have to perform. This Job design function is essential to the organization because its purpose is to organize and enhance work processes and improve its productivity. This chapter includes the meaning of job …

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